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Main » 2018 » December » 15 » Phive Architect Lamp/LED Task Lamp with Clamp, Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp
Phive Architect Lamp/LED Task Lamp with Clamp, Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp

I needed to supplant a VERY OLD (from the 1960's!!!) Luxo Architect's Task Desk Lamp that has two 15" fluorescents with another light-weight LED light. I just felt it was about time :- ) - despite the fact that the old light STILL works fine and dandy. Thinking about the four diverse lighting temperatures, sliding touch splendor control, and full verbalization of the arm and head, with a touch of research I settled on the PHIVE. I extremely like this light now that I've been utilizing it for fourteen days. Despite the fact that the uncovered piece of the light head is just around 7-1/2" since a long time ago (contrasted with the 15" fluorescents), the new LED innovation still diverts from a tantamount measure of light over a similar region. I'm not experiencing any difficulty with the arms remaining in whatever position I put them, and in spite of the fact that it has been referenced by some that the head can't be contorted to toss light straight up toward the roof, I found that with some inventive situating of the arms and head, it is conceivable to achieve that objective (I used to sparkle the old Luxo up to the roof to get a skip impact). I likewise like that there is an ace on/off switch on the power link. The way that the on/off and mode contact controls remain blue-lit at whatever point control is provided to the light doesn't trouble me. I just have two negative remarks. The first is that there is a smidgen of shake of the light post in the table section, despite the fact that there are some elastic grommets around the pole to keep it cozy. Second, and I didn't see it until the point when a couple of days had passed by, yet the wiring link bolstering into the light head has a slight "cut" on it (and a little characteristic of wear by it) (see photograph, set apart in red). There don't give off an impression of being any wires uncovered, in any event for the time being, however I don't realize to what extent that will last - I guess it relies upon how frequently the link is flexed forward and backward, forward and backward, until the point when that cut begins to conceivably get greater. By and large, I keep the light head essentially where it is in any case, or I move it just a slight add up to change where I need to toss the light. Notwithstanding those two things, I'm extremely satisfied with this LED undertaking light.

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